Thursday, December 18, 2008

LaCouture to KHL

The Russians are taking all of our hockey players. First Matt Murley, now Dan LaCouture. The great TSN reports:

"Carolina Hurricanes forward Dan LaCouture is believed to have left the team for Russia, however, the Hurricanes remain unclear as to which Kontinental Hockey League team LaCouture is attempting to join.

The Hurricanes intend on suspending LaCouture, who was signed as a free agent in October, if he doesn’t have an immediate change of heart.

If LaCouture walks away from his contract with the Hurricanes this will fuel the ongoing feud between the KHL and the National Hockey League as, once again, the Kontinental Hockey League would have apparently abandoned its policy of respecting NHL contracts."

I really liked watching LaCouture play.  He had two goals in the eleven games he played for us. I think he deserved a better chance to play than he actually got and he must of felt like he was only going to play in the minors. This is probably the reason for him to leave for Russia. Plus, every sportsperson in Russia gets monster salaries. LaCouturov (My new nickname for him), as previously mentioned, will be the second player to leave the Canes this year as Matt Murley is currently playing for Amur. LaCouturov, is accustomed to playing as he has played in 43 games for the Swiss league. If he does play in Russia, I wish this 31 year old luck. 

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