Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What does the media have against us?

All of a sudden the hockey media is just dogging Carolina? Umm. Why? Is it that we are in "redneck" North Carolina? Do you think we can't win games here? How about you go back to 2006, Do you still think we can't win games? I am not sure the media's reasoning for this but it infuriates me. I know that not everybody in the world is for the same thing but right now it is really anti-carolina. Puck Daddy and his gang are fueling that fire but Bubba at Canes Country has some sense about this one. Anyways I just wish we could get some credit for our recent 23-6 combined goal performance. Whatever.

If your looking for some funny Bobblehead creativity, check out the experts of photoshop at Carolina on Ice. "Concussion - Shaky head. Concussion - Shaky head." Haha!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wow a lot has happened since I've been away

Honestly this past month has been chaos for me and I could not get to posting well a post. First was the Albany bus crash that left four players and a broadcaster in the hospital as it crashed into a guardrail. That was truly a sad moment.  In the past week, we have traded Justin Williams for Erik Cole. Unfortunately, the deal also involved the only NHL player ever from North Carolina, Patrick O'Sullivan, to be sent to Edmonton in a 3-way deal. I know we don't need another small, fast player like him but it would be cool to see someone from our own state skate around out there. Since my last post we have gone 9-5 but in our last three games we have won by a combined score of 20-6. 20-6, that's not a number you see everyday. Everybody on the team has really started to make a push for a playoff spot. Staal finally looks as if he deserves his paycheck as he has 12 points in the last 5 games. Brind'Amour is still at a -28, but i can deal with that (maybe). I will try and get some more stories up as the come available.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Canes acquire Jussi Jokinen

My first reaction to this was what the hell? I know Jussi Jokinen is a good player and he will add depth to our team but really think about. We lost our major enforcer, Wade Brookbank and another D-man Joe Melichar to a division rival. On paper this trade looks good, but I'm interested in how it will actually play out. In the 46 games Jokinen has played this season, he has six goals and ten assists. Yes, I know we have dumped to players taking up space for some scoring depth and for only 400K more than those two combined. This is JRs two cents:

“Jussi is a skilled, two-positional player that can be used in all situations,” said Rutherford. “He will add depth to our team at an important time of the season.”

We certainly seem to be interested in Finns in the past year, as we've acquired Ruutu, Pitkanen, and now Jokinen. Maybe MOron can send out a team finland line.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Favorite All Star Game

It is that time of the year again. The NHL is showcasing its  "top" players in a game that may be just a bit over the top. Of course since Montreal is the home city it only makes sense for them to have FOUR (yes, four) starters in the line-up. On Saturday night we begin with the Super-skills competition. The best part of this is watching Oven Chikin take the shootout competition to the next extreme.  I don't know what he will do but it is sure to be interesting. Tomorrow night, the actual game takes place. I don't find much interest in watching a 10-10 game. What's fun about that? Maybe, our only representative, Eric Staal, will win another car!

Canes Country has released some information that we may host the NHL all-star game in 2012. The NHL is sending representatives to scout out the area and see if Raleigh is high enough class to hold it. Due to our previous success hold high-name events here before. (College Basketball tourneys, Stanley Cup, 04 Draft). If we get more high-end buildings, I'd expect an All- Star game in the near future.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tailgate Special

I've been away a while, but I've come back to a Hurricanes tailgate. That is what it seems like with, Harris Teeter releasing sandwiches "designed" by players, and PEPSI is releasing cans with 6 different players on them. I'll start with the sandwiches because I am a bit hungry. Harris Teeter, is releasing a new sub every month through March. Scott Walker started it off about 5 days ago with the "Walker 24". Next month, Wade Brookbank is "designing" the "Brookbank's Power House. Maybe that one will have a punch. Ryan Bayda is releasing the last one, "Rhino", in March. When I put designing, in italics, I am really questioning if the actually designed it or they just picked from a list of cheap sandwich ideas. 

Sometimes you want to take a more fan spirited refreshment to the Hurricanes games, PEPSI has released just that. Ben Aycock, our Marketing Director, announced the "PEPSI - Win a taste of the 'Canes" sweepstakes, and 6 different drinks. Rod Brind'Amour, Eric Staal, Cam Ward, Tim Gleason, Joni Pitkanen, and Ray Whitney will be featured on Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Diet Pepsi Max, and Diet Mountain Dew Respectively. Over 28 million cans will be distributed state-wide, so there will be plenty more. For the Sweepstakes you can win 6 Hurricanes themed vending machines. I don't know why you would want 6 but go ahead. Hopefully, this will boost our marketing so we don't become the least popular team in the NHL. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will Be out of town for the next week

I may or may not get some new posts up because I will be on the slopes. I hope to get a few up though.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MMM... I am hungry!

Now, maybe he didn't eat anything all day... I don't know if he was just starving but Jarkko Ruutu, come on, Why do you like Andrew Peters' gloves? Yes, I know both Carolina's Tuomo and brother Jarkko Ruutu are enforcer but I am just disappointed. It was like a NHL version of Mike Tyson's famous ear biting. Jarkko Ruutu is a bit of a dirty player anyways. It was so bad in fact the NHL is having a hearing about it.  

Andrew Peters' Side:
"It's a pretty stupid thing to do, regardless of who you are, it's just not part of the game of hockey," said Peters, whose thumb was cut. "I've never had anyone bite me before, I didn't know that happened. The refs didn't see it. That's unfortunate. I saw a replay of it and it's pretty evident that he did bite me and I have a lot of confidence that the league will take the proper procedures and go about it the right way. I'm not going to say anything that's going to get me in any trouble. Like I said, I'm going to let the league deal with it."

Jarkko Ruutu's Response:
"He had his finger in my mouth, but I didn't bite him."


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

World Juniors: Canada wins (again), Checking up on our U18s

As I thought, Canada won AGAIN! Its quite annoying how good they are because they always thromp (Is that a word?)  all the other countries. After 5 straight titles, Canada seems to have the best prospects of the 21st century. Here are the three Carolina prospects playing.

Drayson Bowman - This 3rd round draft pick played extremely well for himself. He scored 2 goals in a rout of Germany and also had a few other nice plays. Overall he had 3 goals and four points before losing to Slovakia. He has definatley proved himself as the best steal of the draft as he becomes more internationally recognizable. In his 30 games for the Spokane Chiefs he has a respectable 15 goals and 18 assists. 

Zach Boychuk - He continues to lead an impressive season as he helps Canada win another gold. He kept Canada in the running during the seven games he played. Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle after Ted Ruth laid him out. Good News is, he came back to play again in the final. In his 21 games for the Lethbridge Hurricanes this season, he has 12 goals and 14 assists. His determination to get back on the ice was a great example of his aggressiveness.

Michal Jordan - Not much news came out about this guy. He helped the Czech Republic reach #6 in the World Junior Standings registering one assist. In his 29 games this season for the Plymouth Whalers, this defenseman has 3 goals and 15 assists.

If your looking to catch up on many of our other players in the NHL and AHL, Canes Country has some tidbits. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pat Dwyer Recalled

My camera phone is not very good!

Lord Stanley's Blog or shall I say Canes Now is reporting that the canes have recalled Pat Dwyer from Albany. This comes after we lost Mr. Hurt (Eaves) to an upper body injury. Dwyer has played 37 games this season, 12 of which were for Carolina. He has a goal for the Canes and seven for the Rats. Who said we were actually getting healthy?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Frank Kaberle Waived

Now the season is getting interesting. Several sources have reported that Frank Kaberle is in the process of waivers. Franky has a huge chunk o' change at $2.2 million for his mediocre efforts. I really doubt a team will be willing to pay that price. If no team picks him up we have the option to assign him to Albany. Of course the seasonal flu bug is going around, so we may have to call up several players. Whatever decisions JR makes from now on could effect if we make the play-offs. Jim Rutherford must of had his reasons for clearing 2.2 mil. off the cap. Will the crystal ball foresee some sort of trade or free agency pick-up?